August 28, 2008

A day in the life of a puppy

Ok, so it wasn't MY puppy, but I spent the day with Chad and Sarah and their new Mal puppy Cynic. He is just too cute!! It's clear they have put a lot of time into him and he was so much fun to watch and interact with. Only a few scratches on my hands from the puppy teeth, but I'll have to get used to THAT! :-) He's doing great with his training- eye contact, sit, down, heel with attention/distraction (though that darn "duck" was a bit too hard to ignore!) and more.

We spent the entire day "talking dog" and discussing training, behavior modification and plans. I'm really looking forward to getting together with them on a regular basis to train using positive methods. We borrowed a bunch of books and videos from each other and they were fantastic enough to let me borrow some really nice, small crates for when Dazzle arrives (since most of mine are too big and I only had one small one I had planned to use for day time, night time and travel.) Having multiple crates will make it SO much easier so I can leave one in the van, one on the office and one in the bedroom.

Well it's late and it's been a very full day, so I'm going to bed!

Oh yeah, the breeder sent out an email saying there might be a picnic/potluck get-together for buyers to see the pups on Labor Day (just a few days away!) so I'm really hoping that goes through and I can spend the day with them. I'll let you know.