August 30, 2008

A nice day

I spent most of the day today at the Mideast Schutzhund Regional competition. I didn't know much about the sport (other than what I have read) before I got there, but found the people friendly and helpful. So I definitely know more now about what is expected during a competition. This allows me to know what my training plan needs to be and I can visualize the end goal. I watched the obedience phase and protection phase for several Sch III and Sch II dogs and I tried out my brand new "flip" video camera to capture the only Sch I team for later review. I also included the judge's comments so I can learn from those.

I purchased a puppy sleeve and a puppy rag toy from a vendor I had contacted before the event to let him know what I wanted him to bring with him for me to buy. Of course I also had to buy a nice ball cap that advertized the "mideastern regionals 2008" in red white and blue :-)

I was at that competition in KY from 9a to about 2pm. Since I wasn't that far from Lexington, I went down to the Blue Grass Classic conformation dog show because I knew they would have LOTS of vendors of all kinds of dog things. I wasn't dissapointed. I ended up buying a fleece tug and small squeak toy that I thought the pup might like to use while he's still young.

I spoke with many people about Mals and training and dogs in general and had a great time! As an added bonus, I met the owner of one of the dogs from one of the breeders former litters. I didn't get to meet his dog though because she wasn't competing that day, but she did get a 97 (out of 100) on her tracking which is very good. He was very nice and I found out he's also getting a male puppy from the current litter. He sounds just as excited about it as I am. :-) He said he is going to stop by the breeder's house on his way home to Michigan on Sunday (tomorrow) instead of on Monday to see the pups.

I did just get an email from the breeder saying the get-together on Monday WILL be happening but no photos/video allowed. Not sure what's up with that, but whatever. I'll be happy just to see the pups in person! Those of you who have gotten the link to the puppy photos page can see some photos and video added today.

The pups are still growing strong and have gotten more stuff to play with and on. Photos and video show a tunnel, wobble disk, swinging disk, hanging obstructions, various toys and different surfaces for them to explore. They are having lots of fun!