August 30, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Today was perfect!  70 degrees, sunny, nice breeze and low pain.  Dazzle and I spent the day out and about.  I took several photos of our time hanging out at Brookville Lake Dam.
My favorite! Up on a parking barrier.
More serious pose:
He loved running ahead and back on the dam
"You can't see me!"  Snacking along the town side of the dam
He also went down the lake side!  He scared me because he RAN down the steep rocky slope and then RAN back up!  It was very steep and a long way down, but I guess he felt he needed to check out the path at the bottom. OY! Here he is scrambling back up...
He enjoyed watching the speed boats and stopped often to stare (This is the railing he jumped to go down the rocks!)
Posing with the lake in the background...
I only walked a little ways down the dam before turning around.  Dazzle was running out and back and from side to side having a BLAST!  Very few people out there today, but he ignored the ones that passed us.  His zoom mode and pure enjoyment brought smiles to their faces.  After our walk on the dam, he was hot, so I braved the grassy slope down to the water and let him swim for awhile.
This boat pulling kids on a tube came pretty close to the shore and Dazzle, but he just watched them.  He was busy fetching his ball
While we were down there, some kids came down.  Dazzle mostly ignored them, but had to go see if they might throw something for him :-)  They were confusing him by throwing rocks into the water. He would swim out to where they hit the water and look around for what was tossed.  We left shortly after that, but they did toss a couple sticks for him which he loved.
Before we went to the lake, I did some errands and then we went to the gun range. I was working on his obedience and playing with him while the gun club practiced trap shooting.  We started off a good distance away (across and down the street) but gradually worked our way into the parking lot and then up to the building just behind the firing line.  He was fine with the commotion and got some attention from the shooters who I hadn't seen in awhile (ammo is just too darn expensive!)
On our way back home from the lake, I took the scenic route with the windows down just enjoying the day and good music.  Dazzle slept in his crate :-)
Overall, a wonderfully pleasant day.  I wish they could all be as beautiful!