August 17, 2009

Photos and video

Photos and a video link from our weekend...
First, 2 photos from a visit to the park last week that I didn't get a chance to upload:
He enjoyed a romp in the tall grass. He bounced around in this in much the same way he did with the soybean field, but it wasn't as visible :-) I could only hear him!
Posing for a profile view...
Photo of him wearing his 3rd place ribbon from the Amature Division Finals:
Chillin' at the tent. You can see the blue (turquoise) of the pool in the background. The pen of puppies was just out of the photo on the left side.

Playing around with photography on the long breaks.
"Mr. Dazzle, it's time for your close-up" :-)
JUMP! Not much "air" on this jump.
As much as I don't care to be wet, this felt good in the 92 degree heat!
Big jump! Nice focus on his toy!

Comin' at cha!
Future Dock Diver! One of the puppies in the pen near our tent. They were SO cute!
VIDEO: Dock Diving Competition
The above is video of a few of our jumps. Not sure why the video of our jumps during the finals weren't on the camera. The announcer, as you can hear, was enjoying my name :-)