December 03, 2009

Latest updates

I haven't been taking many photos since I last posted, but I did during the past few days.  The one above that I just took today may get used at the Malinois booth at the Eukaneuba Dog Show along with a few other photos of Dazzle. The booth organizer wants to show how versatile Malinois can be by showing them in many different roles, jobs and activities. So Dazzle will be representing Malinois that have their Dog Scout title and some badges. 
Buster and Dazzle have been playing more often, taking turns throwing each other to the ground and biting each others back legs and necks.  We just have to be sure the "fun police" (Coyote) doesn't try to break up the play.  Dazzle and Coyote are doing MUCH better together now and the only time they get separated is if there's rough play between Dazzle and the other dogs or if Dazzle is in the house when I get home so they don't all crowd by the door getting over-excited. There has only been one fight (knock on wood) since Dazzle got neutered and we were able to stop it quickly.  So the neuter definitely worked!

And Dazzle thinks that the completely dog hair covered blanket in the office is a great toy to play with and wrap himself inside, then toss off to do it again. :-) I just have to stop whatever I'm doing to watch him when he does this because it's clear he is having a LOT of fun and that makes me smile and laugh.  So I got some photos of that. I wanted to get some video, but when I went to get the video cam, he stopped playing to follow me :-)

Yesterday evening we attended the "Jingle Star Fling", a holiday party for freestylers in the area.  Some of the people, myself included, did a routine to holiday music.  Our routine was completely ad lib and since I wasn't sure what we were doing, Dazzle was less focused on me.  But it was still fine and we had a lot of fun (even though I can barely walk today).  There were several great routines and the cookies were delicious!  We even snuck in a bit of practice for the UKC Obedience show this weekend (sit/down stays and the stand for exam).  The photos below were taken at the party, but my flash is pretty weak so they had to really be lightened up, which makes them grainey. But you get the idea. :-) Thank-you Pam for taking them!

He even laid down and took a short nap as I was watching the other routines!

I'll post about the UKC obedience show results after this weekend. Send us thoughts and prayers for Q's! (qualifying runs) :-)