December 30, 2009

Our holidays

Merry Christmas from Dazzle!
Dazzle and I have been visiting family since the 22nd, and I haven't really been keeping up on his blog.  So here's a few photos I've taken lately.
On the Monday before our trip, we went to Columbus to visit with friends at their beautiful, brand new, all positive dog training center called "Posidog."

There are nice big mirrors behind the multi-colored drapes and the flooring is wonderful rubber squares that are easy on the joints.
During classes, they use dividers between the dogs to help the dogs concentrate until they are ready to work with more distractions. You can see some in the background.
One of the first tasks when we arrived at Dazzle's grandparent's house was baking cookies. It's hard to see in the photo, but his nose is covered with flour from getting too close to the counter when it "poofed" out from under the dough :-)
Supervising the baking of several batches of cookies was hard work, so he needed a nap in his favorite chair.  Just the right size and shape to curl up in.
He got a brand new Jolly Ball and several inches of snow for Christmas :-)  He was thrilled with both!
He spends a lot of time out in the snow!
Snow Face!  I'll need to update the blog title with this photo when I get a chance. :-) He likes to try to shove the ball through the snow at top speed and ends up with a face full of snow!
On dog watch... (& snow plow watch... & bird watch... &...) All are facinating to him. All we have outside the windows at home is boring corn fields. But here there are people and cars and dogs being walked and snow plows and all sorts of things going by to watch.
Today my niece and nephews came over to sled on the hill in back of my parent's house.  It's steeper than it looks!  Dazzle liked watching them and listening to them squeal and laugh.
But mostly he just wanted his ball thrown!
My brother loves to play rough with Dazzle and try to get the ball from him.  Dazzle likes to play "tease the human" and demo his jaw strength by holding on even when my brother lifts him off the ground!  He's mostly just hanging here.
So that brings this up to date.  Now I'm going to go spend more time with family.
Happy New Year!