January 04, 2010

SNOW! (& more snow!)


Catching snowflakes
Well I'm officially "snowed in" here in Cleveland.  Schools are cancelled, classes and businesses are closed and it's bitterly cold.  We already have several feet of snow and the current "light" snow is supposed to change to heavier steady snow all afternoon.  It's supposed to continue snowing through Thursday here (then start snowing back at home)!  Some of the drifts are already waist deep and the normally efficient snow plows can't keep up with the speed it's all continuing to pile up. The piles of snow in the parking lots yesterday were very impressive! Can't imagine what they will look like by the end of the week.
Here's a few photos in progression from the past few days of Dazzle who LOVES the snow and is now having to leap to get through it. (I'm SO glad I didn't bring little Bear with me!)
Dazzle watches Ava, his new best friend...

Ava's mom (my sister in law) plays with Daz while Ava watches. 
Dazzle is very careful not to run into Ava.

Laying in the snow (harder for him to do now that he dissapears into it!)

It's not wise to tease the Malinois :-)

Malinois are known to jump over 8 feet, so it's hard to put anything "out of reach" :-)


Dazzle was actually already attached to the ball and my brother was lifting him in these photos. He can't get his mouth around the Jolly Ball unless he shoves it into something solid first and he has learned he's not allowed to leap for things I'm holding.
Flying Malinois! My brother swinging Dazzle in circles trying to get the ball. Usually it's my brother that's breathing hard at the end of a play session and he has 3 young boys that routinely give him a workout!

Dazzle got him off his feet, so he wrestled on the ground for awhile while Ava watched.

Dazzle is facinated by the sledding.  He even tried to get ON a sled!  I think he's watched it enough that if I got him on a sled, he would do it!  If Tillman the bulldog can do it, I'm sure Dazzle could too!

Action Shot

The neighbor's trees

This is the same yard/area the next day!  Trying to find his Jolly ball I just threw...

And it's still snowing great big flakes...

Dashing through the snow... (Look at the size of those flakes!)

This is not a drift, this is actual depth!

Hopefully we won't  get completely buried!  I'll post more photos as it gets deeper and deeper.  It snowed all night and I wanted to take photos this morning, but my camera batteries died.  I'll get more photos later today. With all day snow in heavy, steady amounts predicted, no doubt it will pile up fast!