September 14, 2010

"Did I hear you say... outside?...  Ball?... Fetch?...

I think I did..."

This is what I see when Dazzle is bored and wants to go out to play fetch.  If staring at me doesn't get my attention, he tries "pointing" at me (holding a front paw up sticking straight out toward me), his most recently learned trick.  If that doesn't work, he crawls in my lap and does a big stretch, making it really hard to type (or see the TV if I'm in the living room).

If I say or use sign language for "outside" he zooms outside and waits for me to arrive with the chuck-it.  I don't use the cue unless I'm really going to go out.  If I'm not able to indulge his boredom, I tell him to lie down and relax. Sometimes this works.  Sometimes he brings me a ball, as if I maybe I didn't understand his earlier message. Sometimes he goes and bugs one of the other dogs, usually Buster.

I have created a well muscled, aerobic monster!  But he shouldn't have any problem getting the new "K-9 Fitness" badge :-)