September 26, 2010

New Title!

We were up at 6 am (ick!) to get to Dayton for an AKC Rally Obedience show.  But it was worth it!  We had a great run and would have had a 98, but the judge couldn't tell Dazzle wasn't lying down when he should have been sitting.  His elbows were about 3" to 4" off the ground (which I'm sure would not have been counted as a down if it was a down that was required) but she said she couldn't see that from her position.  So we lost 10 points each of the two times he did that for a score of 78.  I didn't re-cue him to sit because I thought it was clear he wasn't down and I didn't want to lose points for giving a second cue.  Guess that will teach me not to trust that the judge can see him :-)  And to think at one show he didn't qualify because his elbows were 1/4" off the ground and the judge didn't think that was "down".  OY! But the scores don't show up on the title certificate and *I* know it was a 98, not a 78 :-)

I had the video camera at the show and would have loved to have proof, but the video cemera operator hadn't had enough coffee so all I got was a few seconds of video of the floor. :-(  Oh well. Like I said, *I* know it was a 98 because if his elbows HAD been down, I would have given the second cue. :-)