September 06, 2010

Labor Day- festival and photos

Today was a really beautiful day!  We went to the St Peter Festival and lost a bit of money on raffle tickets, had some delicious home baked brownies and met several nice people who admired Dazzle. The photo just doesn't do justice to the huge crowds at this event!  Wall to wall people in several places and lines for the chicken dinner were all the way around the building!

After leaving the festival I thought it was too nice to go back in the house, so I went for a drive with my little point and shoot camera and found a few photo worthy shots:

This was next to a person's mailbox and with the sun backlighting the flag and acres of field behind, I thought it was pretty.

I drove for awhile, and found myself in Batesville. There is a famous tree growing out of the court house roof, so I got a few shots of it:

While driving around, I saw the city was decked out in these double flags on all the light poles.  I just had to find one with a good back drop. It was a bright day, so the lighting isn't the best:

Happy Labor Day!