March 07, 2011

First Level 3 Q

Our second day of trials started off well.  He had a perfect score when he started the "honor" (down stay while the next dog does their course) but outside the ring, two dogs scuffled and he popped up into a sit for 2 seconds before going back into the required down.  Unfortunately, that 2 seconds of sitting meant we couldn't Q.  I don't blame him though, that would be like expecting a person to remain laying on the floor with their back to two strangers that came in and started a serious yelling/knife fight.

The second run of the day was just as nice AND he stayed in the down :-) So we got a perfect score and 4th place.  Because 8 of the 16 dogs we were competing against also got perfect scores (tough competition!) the placement ribbons are determined by the time it took to complete the course.  We were 4th fastest.

I'm VERY pleased with his performance this weekend (just need to work on his curiosity about food bowls :-)