March 23, 2011

Thunder, play and roses

Had my camera on me today and got some photos of an impressive thunderhead cloud and of Dazzle playing after Treibball class.

It was a very weird weather day. It would go from completely clear skies, to dark/torrential rain/high wind then back to clear skies!

We even got some hail earlier today (but since it was over 70 degrees, it melted quickly):

Unfortunately, the storms brought in much colder air and lows will be the 20's with high's only in the 40's for the next several days.  I think it's an extinction burst from winter and that winter will soon be DONE!

Dazzle had a blast playing with a new girlfriend at the training center tonight after class...

They were moving so fast, my camera couldn't get a clear shot!

 Dazzle being a flirt...

Yesterday, I got some additional photos of the LOVELY roses my husband got me.  I set them outside to get better light and of course the dogs had to check them out. :-)

 REALLY stop and smell the roses :-)

 I love how this one turned out: