March 05, 2011

New URO-2 title!

Dazzle earned the last 2 legs (Q's) needed to get his level 2 Rally Obedience title through UKC today!  His first run was beautiful and he scored a perfect score of 100.  There were 20 dogs in the B class we were competing against and it was really stiff competition!  SEVEN of the dogs got a score of 100 and no one earned below a 93 and no NQ's. And we somehow got the fastest time to earn the first place blue ribbon!

Dazzle relaxing in his crate showing off his ribbon and new toy

Our second run wasn't nearly as pretty as my non-food motivated dog just HAD to sniff every single bowl in the off-set figure 8.  I KNOW he wouldn't have eaten anything from those bowls if it had been available or offered to him, so I don't know why he had to give each bowl a 3-5 second sniff. The judge was very generous not to NQ him so we got the third level 2 Q and the title!

We'll be moving up to level 3 tomorrow.  Hopefully there won't be food bowls in tomorrow's courses :-)