March 26, 2012

Week 12

Just had to do a "re-do" of the cool shot I got last week.  I think it came out great, though the reflection of the sky on his face makes it look blue. 

The challenge on the facebook group was "short depth of field" so I played around and got this shot.

This was a runner up shot I really like

Another shot I am really happy about. Love the reflection of the sky.

We had company at the lake this time.  This pair of geese was curious about Dazzle at first but kept their distance.  I'm very surprised that Dazzle ignored them! 
There was also a family in a small boat fishing around the cove.  Dazzle ignored them till they caught a big fish and it was flopping in the water.  Dazzle really wanted to go "help" get the fish, but I called him back.
Dazzle managed to drag a branch in from the sandbar and had a great time breaking it up into small pieces.  When I saw this photo, I knew removing the stick would result in an interesting shot.

Here is what I did with the result...

Yesterday I drove around Brookville and got some interesting photos you can see on
There are more photos from our day at the lake as well.