March 30, 2012

Week 13

I have had a photo like this in mind ever since I saw a similar photo/caption with a German Shepherd.  I wasn't sure how this lighting would work out, but I'm very happy with the result.  I like all the black and the portrayal of the dog waiting in the dark. Had to shoot this in "manual" to get the effect I wanted.  Took this one in my basement with a piece of black fleece as the backdrop.
I don't know what he would actually do if someone broke in, but hope I don't find out!  Besides, the adage of "Forget the dog- Beware of the (well armed) humans" comes to mind.

I have been sleeping in the spare room to try to avoid catching the week-long "bug" my husband caught.  The spare room also happens to be the cat's room.  As I was getting ready for bed, they both jumped up and laid down. Had to get some photos.  
I think Splash is contemplating bopping Dazzle in the head here. She decided it wasn't a good move- smart kitty! :-)

For the Facebook group, I wanted to get a "panning" shot (subject in focus with background blurred).  I'm really happy with how this came out!  I think the years I spent keeping fast moving, jumping horses in the tight video frame for 3-day eventing helped a lot :-)
 Another shot I like, but I like the "flat out" shot better

Whenever Dazzle gets two toys, he tries to defy the laws of physics (regarding two objects occupying the same space at the same time) and wants to shove them together. I'm not sure what is so enjoyable in this impossible act, but even though it hasn't worked for 3.5 yrs now he doesn't give up trying- vigorously!

Who is THAT?  He better not get MY ball!
This would probably work better with more sun, but the clouds weren't cooperating.  I'm sure I'll revisit this one.