March 05, 2012

Back to normal- H&G show visit

I'm finally able to open my mouth normally again!  Whoo Hoo!  Off all the antibiotics and pain killers and my digestive tract is slowly getting back to normal too.

Just about everytime I got off the couch, Dazzle decided it was a good time to try to reclaim his spot (or maybe he was just keeping my pillow warm for me) :-)

We had a scare with the tornadic storm cell that passed over us WAY too close for comfort on Friday! Luckily we didn't have any damage.  But Holton Indiana, where several people were killed and the little town was basically flattened, is not too far from us.  A very scary, everyone in the basement, moment for sure!

Since I was feeling better and no storms were predicted, I spent several hours on Thursday at the HUGE Home and Garden show downtown.  It was SO nice to see and smell all the wonderful spring flowers, the mulch and the moist dirt.  Not to mention seeing some amazing garden displays and dreaming of what our yard could look like if we had the funds :-) 

Below is just a small part of one half of the show. It continued under the wall on the left and about the same amount of vendors/floor space was on the other side of the skywalk. Bless the mobility products vendor that let me borrow the mobility cart (free advertising for them). Not sure why the convention center didn't rent out scooters or wheelchairs.

Dazzle got LOTS of compliments on his calm and well mannered behavior, especially when he helped me as needed.  It's so normal for me to ask him to pick up something I drop or to help me up a flight of stairs that I forget how impressed people can be with a well trained dog :-)

Dazzle was very patient with me as I posed him in several places to get photos.  I had a couple people ask if they could take photos of him too :-) I did find a booth with all natural dog treats and found some beef jerky treats he liked even more than the freeze dried lamb lung I brought, so he got a big "paycheck", payed out in small portions during the show. And it was very reasonably priced as well as buy one get one free, so I bought enough to last a long time.

My Favorite:

This was a display by "Back tree services" depicting an Emeral Ash Borer in mutant giant form.  Out of all the weird sights and sounds at the show, it was this display that made Dazzle hesitate to approach.  Can't say that I really blame him! :-) 
Once I touched it, he got brave enough to give it a sniff (from the side) and then he was fine with it.  The owner of the display took this photo for me and emailed it to me. I think Dazzle was thinking that I was either really brave or very stupid for reaching for this thing's mouth :-)

Dazzle did a LOT of meet and greet.  Most people asked before putting their hands on him, a few didn't.  Just about every vendor had a comment like "Beautiful dog!" or "So well behaved!" and many stopped me to ask questions about him. Several of the attendees had the same reactions.  I probably could have seen the show in half the time if he was invisible, but I wasn't in any hurry and enjoy chatting with people about my favorite subject- "All about Dazzle" :-). 

Enjoy the following "Spring preview".  I wish I could include the wonderful fragrances too!

I just had to get a photo of this. "Well... Which is it?"