June 02, 2012

Week 22

Good news is that the fugitive is finally caught!  He was on the loose just a few hours short of a full week!  Police found him sleeping in a deer blind and took him into custody without any struggle. He was apparently dehydrated and had dysintery (along with who knows how many mosquito bites!)  I'm glad it's over and life can go back to normal in the peaceful, law-abiding north woods of MI. And very glad no one was hurt by him.

I had planned to get some really cool shots of Dazzle and some bubbles, but he had other plans.  I poured the bubble solution into the blower and he wanted nothing to do with it!  I KNOW he played with bubbles at camp when he was a pup, so I'm not sure why they are now evil. Even without the blower, he wanted nothing to do with them.  Sooo Plan B! 

It was a very hot week, so a good week for killing the sprinkler.  I got SO many shots!!  I'll spare you from all 42 that I like and just post some of my favorites. :-)

What an expression! He just caught a full stream of water

No idea what he was doing in this shot, but it reminds me of the "sexy" wet hair flip that long haired models at the ocean do :-)

Oops!  Ear full of water

"Drive-by" catch

The water is better when it's higher off the ground :-)

I think ya missed!

 Dazzle's water pic toothbrush

Wheee! Did ya see me?  Here, let me share the water!

Bad news for the week is that I've been sick all week.  Throat so sore that even cold milk burned on the way down.  And breathing was painful (dry air over raw throat) and kept my throat irritated.  Then my nose couldn't decide whether it was going to hold everything in and try to suffocate me or let it all run non-stop like a faucet.  After 5 days of sore throat and off and on fever, I went to the doc and thankfully it wasn't strep, but I got antibiotics for a sinus infection that was starting.  Today is the first day I have felt better instead of worse or the same since last Saturday.  So I think I'm on the mend.