June 14, 2012

Week 23

This is the first week I had trouble getting motivated to get a photo. I waited till late in the week and then tried late in the day, so I had lighting issues. I first tried to get a jumping photo, but the lighting was coming from the wrong direction. So I had to do a lot of editing and lightening so I added an effect to try to salvage it. 

So then I tried a tunnel shot. I like this one, but I really wanted him running and I could only get him trotting.

This shot shows his freaky flexible neck. Notice where his chest is related to his head.  It's more dramatic from the side, but he wasn't doing the head back as far when I didn't have the camera over him.  And it sort of looks like he's looking down from the ceiling in this shot.  

I was getting frustrated with the lighting, so I decided to use it to my advantage. I got a white piece of fleece and tossed it over some tables to catch his shadow.

This is the shot I ended up going with. I love his profile and the shadow is just as lovely. I think he looks a bit like an Arabian horse here.