February 04, 2009

Misc. photos

I cleared off my camera card this morining and wanted to add a few photos I took.
First is a photo from the ice storm on Jan 28th. We had a few inches of snow, then about 1/2" of freezing rain, then several more inches of snow. The rain melted some of the snow that was under it and on the driveway we ended up with nearly an inch of ice!
Dazzle didn't care that it was dark and snowing, he not only wanted to go out, he wanted US to go out with him to play!
Buster had been outside in the snow and came in to see why Dazzle wasn't out there. Buster's back is all black. The white specks are the snowflakes he brought in.This is a photo I took on the day he turned 6 mo old. (Jan. 29th) It's hard to judge his height though because I think his front feet were through the layer of ice and the ball wasn't.
Here's some funny photos. I bought this bed when he first arrived as a little pup. He really likes it and STILL tries to sleep in it each night. LOL
He doesn't quite fit, but doesn't seem to mind. :-)