February 23, 2009

Pro photos from 2-8-09

I checked my post office box and found the disk I had ordered after the Rally trial in Hamilton on Feb. 8th. I'm VERY happy with the photos by Dick Clark Photography! Here's some of my favorites:
Focus at the start:
Nice front position!:
Malinois smile- a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea:
First turn was a 270 degree:
Directly into a 360 turn:
Nice focus through the serpentine:
More grinning- actually he's probably thinking- throw the ball...throw the ball... throw the ball... (which he thought I had in my right hand):
Sit for the last sign (you can see he looks like a coiled spring, he's still convinced I have a tennis ball in my right hand that I'm about to throw for him. He did get the ball as soon as I left the ring though!):
He maintained great focus throughout the run. To see the video, click on the date set on the left that starts with Feb. 8th: