April 04, 2010

45 dogs available- and Easter fun

The courts released for adoption the 60+ dogs we rescued in Adams County. This is good news, because it means they don't have to be held till the case is heard.  I'll be going back out there tomorrow to help at the temporary shelter with the 45 remaining dogs that haven't gone into rescue yet.  Hopefully we can quickly get them moved into REAL rescues and adoptive homes so they can get the loving homes they deserve and we can get our disaster volunteers back to their regular lives.
In other news, the Dog Scout troop had an Easter Egg hunt for the dogs and they had lots of fun!  I took 3 of my 5 to go hunt eggs.  The two oldest dogs stayed home to nap, but Mike tossed some treats in the yard for them to find. :-) The eggs in the photo were just props.  That's not how many they found!  Actually they each only found 5-10 eggs that had a few treats per egg.

Finding the eggs: