April 30, 2010

fun photos

Here are a few photos I have taken lately...

Mike said the flag my grandmother crocheted would make a nice backdrop and I agree!  She also made the afghan on the back of the couch. Thanks Grandma! They look great!  
The following was a series that had Mike and I laughing.  Dazzle was sleeping behind the curtain in our office and I made a noise (I think I dropped something, I don't recall) but he lifted his head and was just laying there looking through the curtain and I found it really funny! So I took the photo... If you look close, you can see the reflection of his eyes through the curtain.
Then Mike came in to see what was so funny and Dazzle looked at him through the curtain for awhile while we were both still laughing... "What's so funny dad?"
He finally got bored and put his head down...

I was still talking to him, telling him what a silly boy he is and he again lifted his head...
Not as funny when his face is visible.  But I can just hear him saying-
"Can I just go to sleep now?!"