April 13, 2010

Buster - needs some prayers

About a week ago, I noticed a lump on Buster's neck. After a visit to the vet today, odds are pretty high that it's cancer (needle biopsy that was mostly blood, it's an attached lump, it's location, etc.). Given that he's 14 years old and very stressed by new locations (my vet isn't willing to do the complicated surgery) and the fact that it's in a difficult location between his trachea and jugular vein we will not be opting for surgery.  I may try some alternative medicine though.

I'm just hoping he can be with us for as long as possible without pain or difficulty. So far, he shows absolutely no signs of having any problem. Eating, swallowing fine, no coughing, etc. Hopefully that continues for a long time. But I still can't stop crying at the drop of a hat. I knew it was most likely going to be the diagnosis, but having it confirmed makes it more real. I keep telling myself he's not gone yet and tears can wait, but it doesn't always work.  Meanwhile, he's getting spoiled more than usual.

We have had Buster since he was 8 months old and fate brought him into our lives.  He had severe fear issues that we have been helping him overcome all his life. He has taught me more about dog behavior than any other dog and is the reason I found Dog Scouts, which has become a major part of my life.

He overcame his fear enough to pass the Dog Scout test! And even earned some badges.

He LOVES any water activity, especially Kayaking because he gets me all to himself AND he gets to swim! What could be better?

"Just a few more minutes mom?" 

Young Buster- a BLUE heeler!

Playing gently with Bear

Where is the kitty? Could she be the lump under the covers?