December 16, 2011

Obedience photos

The photo disk arrived in the mail today! 
Here are the photos taken by Paw Prints Life

 Heel on leash

Such a typical sideways look :-)
 Heel off leash
 Waiting for recall cue
 On his way to me on the recall
 Heel on leash
 Stand for exam
I have another shot like this that this photographer did and I love it too.
 Heel off leash- not sure what I'm doing with my right shoulder

Had to get this one because it makes me laugh everytime I see it. I'm sure there's a good caption just waiting to be expressed. I think this was from the show where he laid down on the sit stay and took a nap.  Not sure why he was so tired! I don't think it was stress. 

And this one looks like he's laughing!  I think he's actually about to sneeze :-)