December 19, 2011

weekly photo- silhouette

I decided at the start of the week that I wanted to do a silhouette photo this week, but I should have looked at the forecast first!  It was cloudy and overcast all week, but today (technically yesterday) it finally broke! 

On Wednesday, I tried to create a set-up in the basement that would give me a silhouette type shot, but it didn't work.  I tried hanging a white curtain panel in front of some bright lights, but it was too thin and the lights were all visible.  Then I tried a white plastic shower curtain and it wasn't opaque enough.  So I gave up and hoped for a clear day :-) 

Since it was clear, I headed up to the dam and found the light to be in just the right position.  I took several photos as the sun went down, playing around with the various "scene" settings on my camera.  But ended up happiest with the auto setting and the shot I got right before two deer popped out of the woods.  I was SO happy Dazzle has a solid stay!  But I quickly clipped on the leash and called it quits because he was VERY interested in the deer who were not the least bit afraid of us.  Too dark by that time to get a shot of the deer.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I think this was my first intentional silhouette shot

I'll definitely be trying this again, maybe when it gets warmer? :-)  I'd like to get a more colorful sunset.  It's so hard to find good open spots to get a photo like this in our river valley.  So I'll also be on the look out during the year for good spots when we're travelling too.