December 27, 2011

Visiting family for holidays

 I made the mistake of bringing in Dazzle's new JAWS disk.  I put it up on the cabinet, but had to leave it hanging over the edge just a bit so I could get it.  He sat and stared at it, occasionally offering a trick, for over 30 minutes.  I finally had to give in and take him to a local field to play catch.
Unfortunately, with all the rain that has been falling, the fields were all a big mess.  So I went to a local rubberized running track at the school thinking that would help keep him mud free.  And it would have if he wasn't such a mud puppy!  This shot shows the big mud puddle he chose to go out of his way to run through after each throw. 
 This was the result.  A (sort of) tired, happy and VERY muddy dog.  Click on this to enlarge it to see the full effects
 He even had mud in his mouth/teeth, but didn't seem to care

So I ended up having to give him a bath because I couldn't get nearly enough mud off with just a towel.  He wasn't too pleased, but didn't jump out.

 We are currently visiting family and this is their tree.  Definitely want to click on this to see the great detail.
 One of my Christmas presents was a new camera and I think it did a GREAT job with the photo above. Especially since the room was only lit by the window light and I was shooting right into that. I'm looking forward to trying it out on action shots.

 My brother and his family came over to celebrate and my brother enjoyed teasing Dazzle by juggling with Dazzle's toys
 My niece loves Dazzle and Dazzle loves her.  He didn't pass up this opportunity to do the "Malinois peek" through her legs while she was playing on her dad's lap
 And he didn't even mind when she sat on his head!

Coyote decided he had enough of the festivities and found a comfy place to sleep
 Then Bear took over the covers (once they got moved) and made himself at home
Today, it is snowing great big flakes. Supposed to get a few inches of accumulation by tomorrow.
Dazzle will be SO happy!!  He has been begging to go outside since it started sticking and has been jumping up to catch the falling snow.  I didn't get him doing it with the super big flakes, but here is a short video of him catching the falling snow flakes: