December 03, 2011

So close, but no Q

We had another nice run, but Dazzle laid down on the sit stay. :-(  He didn't look the least bit stressed, just bored and tired.  My hubby wasn't feeling well and in an effort not to catch what he has, I slept in the spare room last night.  Perhaps that tired Dazzle out?  Maybe it was the later start time?  We'll see if the 8:30 start time has an better effect on his performance. 

It would figure that he's a crack of dawn dog, since I'm NOT a morning person (just like he loves cold weather and I don't) :-)  So we can't get our CD title this weekend, but I'm hoping I'll only need ONE Q after tomorrow and not two :-)

We would have had a 192.5 out of 200 if he had been able to sit for 60 seconds.  Here is the video of the run:

VIDEO: Nov Obed NQ