February 21, 2012

Pain update

Not sure if I'll be taking/posting photos this week.

Still in pain, still can't open my jaw and lightheaded because I'm not eating (can only eat through a straw and I'm REALLY sick of broth). 
I did see the dentist yesterday. They prescribed clindamycin (antibiotic) that I'm taking every 6 hours and some pain meds that are just barely taking the edge off the pain. I'm using an ice pack frequently too.
The swelling seems *slightly* reduced, but I still can't open my mouth. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow for a full exam, but I'm not sure how they plan to do that when I can't open my mouth (can still barely squeeze the pills between my teeth and trying to open my mouth is very painful).
It feels like the muscle that is used to close my jaw on the right hand side is cramped and refuses to stretch, but it could also still be the swelling in that joint area causing the hinderance. I haven't been able to open my mouth since Saturday (even using my fingers to try to pry my teeth apart in spite of the pain).