February 17, 2012

Week 7 - week of pain

I had big plans this week to do a fancy Valentine's photo and get it posted on the 14th.  But I didn't get the photo till today. 

Warning: health rant
Most of monday, all of monday night and most of tuesday I was having charlie horse cramps about every 5 minutes.  I didn't get any sleep all night.  I tired regular pain killers and they didn't make a dent.  I also tried calcium, potassium and magnesium along with lots of water. Finally gave in around mid day tuesday and took some strong pain meds that knock me out.  That gave me 8 hours of coma like sleep and when I woke up, the cramps had changed to normal muscle cramps and were much more bearable.  They were also not as frequent as they had been previously. I got a little bit of sleep Tuesday night and by Wednesday, the muscles were just really sore and only cramping if I tried to use them.

I thought the worst of it was over, but Thursday morning there was no doubt I now had an infected tooth.  I HATE tooth pain and found myself wishing to go back to the charlie horse cramps. So now I'm on antibiotics and have a dental appointment for next week.  Hopefully my insides will be back to more normal by then and I sure hope the antibiotics will take away the pain in my jaw.

Good news is that my eye exam last week let me know my eyes are normal and nothing out of the ordinary to worry about. But I got a perscription for "readers" and found out that, when needed, I can get a pair that has zones for the computer monitor and the keyboard.

-End of health rant-

I managed to take a few minutes today to get the following photos for this week.  Did a crappy job on the post processing, but they are what they are and will have to do.

Dazzle was so patient with me through several shots with him holding the rose.  What a dog has to do to get a ball :-)

This one I had to use the tripod and timer and it was the only one in which the camera focused on Dazzle and not my hands.

Hopefully next week will be better