February 10, 2012

Week 6 and visit to Conservatory

This week the challenge I gave myself was to find an interesting point of view.  I think I out did myself because I had a really hard time choosing!

Monday was the only day with sun this week (though Tuesday and Thursday were supposed to have sun) and I headed out early to get some photos. This first photo was an angle I tried and found I liked. I like this point of view, but I didn't like the lighting from the sun being so low.  So I decided to give this one another shot later in the week (when I thought it was going to be sunny).

This was on another tree only about 15 minutes after the shot above. I love the color of the sky, but I don't like Dazzle's pose (front legs too far under him) and I don't think it's as dramatic a point of view as some of the others. 

This is the shot I had in mind when I headed out on Monday.  It's really two shots.  Dazzle on the tree was turned sideways and layered over the background.  I think it's a cool shot, but after seeing it finished, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I also accidently took the background in landscape instead of portrait, so I couldn't get as much of the tree in as I wanted (to make it look like Dazzle was way up high on the side of the tree)

While at the park, I played around with some other shots and saw his shadow on the pavement.  Decided to try to capture that. I like how it came out!

Back at home on Monday. I promised Dazzle I would throw the ball if he would hold his pose on the tree, so I had to hold up my end of the promise.

 Doesn't it look like he would trip over his legs?

Tuesday was supposed to be sunny, but instead it was overcast all day.  I went back to the park anyway to try the 1st shot again, but the sky was too bright and white. I tried this shot instead and I like this.

 Wednesday, the weather was supposed to be bad and they were correct.  But even Thursday morning they were still saying it was going to be sunny, and instead it was cold and overcast all day.  Once again, I tried the shot again.  I like this point of view, but would really prefer the pretty blue sky.  So I'm tableing this shot till the right day (and maybe some greenery) comes along. Dazzle is about 8' off the ground in this shot. The tree is at ground level on the right hand side, so that is how he got up there.
Since the day was so cold and dreary (and supposed to get even colder with snow this weekend), I decided to take a break from the weather and visit the "Early Spring" exhibit at the Krohn Conservatory.  It was a much needed break, but I didn't want to leave and go back into the cold! Wonder if they would let me put a cot in there where I could stay till spring?

Still trying for interesting points of view, I had Dazzle sit on a bench so I could hold the camera low and use a big palm as the backdrop. I don't like the drastic light/shadows in this one. 

Another point of view shot I like

Not an unusual point of view, but I LOVE the light on his face and in his eye on this shot!

This is the point of view I ended up going with for the Flickr group. I like the colors and lighting and how the path dissapears.  And the cacti provide an unusual background with the light colored path helping Dazzle to really stand out.

 But I didn't take only dog shots.  I did get a few photos of the residents of the conservatory too :-) This the waterfall in the main room (tropical).

Large palm plant base

They have an amazing orchid display that I think is permanent.  I took lots of orchid photos.  Here are a few of them.

 This was a drainage grate that caught my eye. I like the pattern

Dogwood flowering in the Early Spring display

Very large succulent of some sort in the desert section

Aloe Vera plant

There was also a very lovely Bonsai display that I don't think was permanent.

An enjoyable visit for sure!  I'm looking forward to when spring hits for real around here.

To see more photos, visit my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scoutdogs/