November 11, 2008

11-10 Long drive home

It was a rough night and I got very little sleep. Dazzle needed to go out to potty twice during the night due to a liquid stool and once I woke up, it was really hard to go back to sleep. I envied him that he could just flop down as soon as he was back inside and be asleep in less than 1 minute. I think I got about 3 hours of sleep between trips outside and laying in bed awake.

I was awake about 4:30 and laid in bed till Lonnie got up at 5am local time. Her prosthetic leg was really bothering her so she didn't put it on that day. I packed up the rest of our stuff in the van in the rain and we hit the road. By the time we stopped for breakfast and were ready to drive for awhile, it was almost 7am. The drive home was uneventful. There was rain till a little way into Oklahoma, but it was dry the rest of the way. I saw several birds flying hard and not getting anywhere in the strong cross winds.

Dazzle still had loose stools, but held it till I took him out on the stops we made. I think it was the only time he wasn't asleep! We got home at 10pm. If I had to drive another half an hour I would have had to stop for a nap. I just couldn't hold my eyes open any longer. Of course Dazzle was ready to PLAY when we got home and I was so exhausted I couldn't even think straight. We let them play a bit, then I went to bed. I put him in his crate expecting him to fuss, but he didn't. I think I was asleep almost instantly, so I don't know what he did. I slept for nearly 11 hours.

Lonnie headed home this morning and for me, today was catch-up day for cleaning and this blog. I know if I get behind on posts, I'll put it off and never get caught up. I'm home for 4 more days then I head to NY again.

Here's the states Dazzle has been in over the past 6 weeks!