November 11, 2008

11-4 Lonnie arrives

I spent most of the day packing for the trip and cleaning the house. Lonnie and her dog Kozi (a Boxer mix) arrived around dinner time. While we were transfering her stuff to the van, Kozi was running around outside the fenced yard. The dogs were all barking at her, including Dazzle, though I'm not sure he knew WHY he was barking :-) He stayed away from the fence, but at one point, Kozi ran up to the fence where Dazzle was and it scared him. All the hair along his back went up and he ran in the house.

Once we had Lonnie's stuff in the van, I contained the other dogs and we let Dazzle and Kozi meet. After that, he was fine with her and started to play and wrestle. The other dogs had met her before and their greeting went without incident. Since it was dinner time, Lonnie and I went out to eat and Dazzle came in with us. He was a perfect gentleman and went to sleep under the table. Lonnie left her service dog in the van just so she wouldn't start playing with Dazzle and get them both in trouble.

They played for awhile while Lonnie and I were on the computer finishing up last minute things for the trip.