November 11, 2008

11-9 Last day of camp- badges earned

Camp is almost over :-( We didn't go on the trails today but played in the ball field instead. On one of the returns, he ran out of his way to a directional control base and stayed on it till I got there. :-) I think he will really like the directional control work.

After breakfast we worked on his musical instrument playing. We tried a few different pianos, looking for one that didn't take much pressure to play. He prefers to use his chin to play, but Mart and Cindy wanted to see him using his nose. We ended up with a toy, shaped like a drum, meant for a paby that made percussion sounds when the buttons were pressed. The raised edge made it harder for him to use his chin, so he started using his nose. But he was literally falling asleep as he played, so we took a break and he slept in his crate while I cleaned up the room and started packing up.

I let him sleep while I went to help with Directional Control, then brought him to lunch where he slept more. After lunch he was ready to go again. After doing repeated button pressing on a single cue, he earned his Band badge! I also got Lonnie to check him off for his Travel Safety badge. He had to wait till cued to exit the van when the door is opened, always ride in a crate or seatbelt, go to a "stranger" that doesn't know his name with me out of sight (to simulate a dog escaping after a crash) and ride in the vehicle quietly. He did really well, though he passed the stranger the first time and had to do a U-turn to go to him.

Then it was "free time" the rest of the day for him till he played in the "all dog band" right before the awards ceremony. After dinner/awards, he slept in the room while I walked around him and packed. We planned to leave before dawn, so I got as much packed in the van as possible.

Dog Scout
First Aid
Travel Safety

I'm very proud of him!

I noticed while I was playing with him this morning that he had lost one of his little bottom front teeth (bottom center) and that the tiny tooth next to it was really loose. By the time we got back to the room both were gone. He looks like he's ready for the Christmas song: "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..." :-)