November 26, 2008

1st obedience class

I went to Kuliga this evening to attend the orientation for a basic obedience class, but ended up staying and joining the Intermediate class that followed it. The clubs website says they promote positive training, but I think they are still a good bit short of that. But since I'm just attending the class to work Dazzle around other dogs and distractions, I can ignore their corrections. I'm hoping to lead by example.

Dazzle did really well sitting quietly playing the eye contact game through the lecture of the basic class. Not all the young dogs in that class were able to sit as quietly as he did. Then in the intermediate class, he did great. I realize in hindsight I asked him for more than he was ready a few times (like a 1 minute stay when we have only been working on about 30 second stays) but he did well and I know what to work on during the week.

He did great at heeling around/through the other people and dogs and kept close focus on me. Actually his "heel" was too strong because I had a hard time getting him into "front" position. I'll also be working on that this week. I was holding my left leg out as a barrier to keep him from swinging into heel position! :-)

For his first "stand for exam" I cued him into a stand, stepped right in front and fed him the whole time the instructor approached and touched him briefly. He did well with that considering he had not ever had anyone approach during a stand stay.

I was very pleased with him and have stuff to work on this week. He slept on the way home, but then he was ready to play till about midnight. Since he's finally ready to sleep, I'm going to bed!