March 17, 2009

On the road to recovery

I got a chance to weigh Dazzle at the vet today when I was picking up meds for Coyote's eyes. In 2.5 weeks, he has gained 1.7 pounds. So he's now 48.7 lean, muscular pounds. I also got a chance to edit the 4 photos I took of him Saturday while I was still sick but starting to recover. The editing had to wait till I was caught up on the 1000 emails that piled up in the 4 days I was off line. I'm on a couple really busy lists at the moment.
This is the view I kept seeing over and over... "come on mom... You can DO eet!"
Which turned into this... "Puleeeezzzz..."
"Digging? Not me. Must have been that other dog..." (You can barely see some of the mud/grass stuck to his foot too)
"I don't have any friends, nobody loves me anymore, no one to toss a ball for the poor little Malinois puppy... Guess I'll just pout " (his eyes kept checking with me to see if I was noticing his "poor dog" routine and hearing his heavy sighs. :-) Then he would decide it wasn't working and would try something else.)
He is SO happy I'm feeling better now! I have gone out several times to toss the ball the length of the yard with the ball scoop/sling. A tired Mali is a happy Mali! We're back to using his meals for training (no more free meals like he got while I was sick. :-) He was also my "demo dog" at the clicker class I started teaching last night and learned to "bow" in just 4 clicks! It didn't really show much "shaping" but it certainly demonstrated the power of the clicker!
I have 12 students (though one is a troop member that has agreed to be my assistant instead of bringing his dog.) Should be a full class next week! This week was without the dogs so I could teach the humans with their full attention. We'll see how well I did next week with getting them all started. :-) Tonight is the C-wags class. We're back in the swing of things again. All I have to do now is get rid of this annoying dry cough and the tickle in my throat causing it.