March 07, 2009

Went to the park

We went to the park today because it was just TOO beautiful not to be outside! Seventy degrees and mostly sunny! On one of the trails, Dazzle found some fast running water and played a bit in it, chasing sticks and leaves that were floating down. He got a bit deep a few times unexpectedly when he stepped off a rock shelf but after the initial surprize he got himself back to "higher ground" without a problem. I think he is going to be a "water dog" like Buster :-) He was really having fun splashing around! I didn't get photos though. :-(
Then, because I wasn't ready to go back inside, we took another short trail and I walked slow while he ran ahead and back. He has a really nice auto check-in at just the right distance. Meaning he would only go about 25' ahead, then he would stop and wait for me or come running back before he went on. We did some recall practice too. He also did a great recall away from the one other person we saw on the trail, even though he saw them in the distance. I was surprized with the nice weather that we only passed one other person on this trail. But it's not connected to any other trail and maybe it's too short for most people's hikes? The one person we did meet, happened to have a really friendly female mountain cur (yes, it's a breed.) She and Dazzle had a BLAST running around the open fields where we happened to meet. I DID get some photos of that....
Here they are in a "stand-off" waiting to see who will dash off first.
Hide and seek in the tall grass:
Resting... Or is that "recharging?"
Posed on a bridge: (It will be nice when the green leaves come back and the dreary brown goes away)
When I got home, I spent some time playing in the yard with all the dogs. They really enjoyed that! By the end of the play session, everyone's tongues were wide and long and big grins were seen all around. They are all crashed out in the office next to me as I type this. Listening to the sounds outside the open windows.
Sure wish these tempuratures would stick around, but it's supposed to get colder next week again :-( Thankfully not as cold as last week though. So there's hope!