June 04, 2009

Funny dog!

Things Dazzle does that makes me smile and laugh:
  • The way he enters a room like Kramer on Seinfeld or like he’s a 3 year old kid that just heard something exciting and he’s missing it.

  • Shoving one toy into another as if he tries it enough times, he can meld the two

  • Trying to stand over Bear during wrestling and seeing Bear just calmly walk out from under him.

  • How he greets every day with such energy and enthusiasm, as though it’s the start of the best day of his life.

  • Watching him drop the ball into the tub, watch it intently till it stops rolling around and then jump in after it, only to jump out with it and repeat the process. NOT as funny when he drops the ball in the toilet!

  • The way he watches Mike so closely and with such rapt interest when Mike makes odd noises or does something goofy just to entertain him and see him tilt his head.

  • Watching him invent and play the little games he makes up on his own and how he uses them to keep himself amused.

  • The way he throws himself on the floor, flat on his side, with a thud when he’s tired

  • How he gets up in my lap, with a full body wiggle, leans into me and gives a head wrap around my shoulder like he’s giving me a hug- then I notice it’s near dinner time and realize he’s just begging!

  • Watching him sleep makes me smile- he looks so sweet, calm and innocent, no longer the hyperactive, mischievous, “you WILL play with me” pup that he is when he’s awake.

  • When he aggravates his brothers till they give in and play with him.

  • When it is clearly obvious he is trying SO hard to control himself when he knows that self-control like a “stay” will get him what he wants.

  • The way he watches with Border Collie like intensity any toy I’m holding and raising slowly as if I’m about to throw it. Often it is accompanied by an odd and stiff body position or slow motion responses to cues, like his brain has trouble processing info in the presence of a toy that MIGHT get thrown.

I am so thankful for him and how he brightens my days and keeps me happy! I'm sure there will be many more moments and behaviors he will invent that will keep me smiling and laughing!