January 29, 2009

6 mo. old today!

Dazzle has made it to 6 months of age! I'm not able to get out to get him to a scale since my van is currently stuck at the end of the driveway on a solid sheet of ice. I also didn't get any photos because of dealing with the van and hurting my back shoveling snow trying to get it out. I really hate snow and cold and SO wish we could move to a warm southern state!!

I measured him today and was surprized to find he hadn't added any height this week (I think he added length though), so he's still at 21.5" tall. I thought Dazzle was big, but I was looking on the litter's webpage and it appears that out of the pups that have weights listed, he is nearly the lightest. One of his brothers is nearly 60 lbs! When I weighed him last week he was just over 37 lbs. It would be interesting to see their heights too. Maybe he won't be the tall dog I thought he would be, but that's ok too! He's still eating an incredible amount of food and he's a healthy weight, so I'm happy.