January 23, 2009

misc photos and info

Will you PLEASE get off the computer so we can go train?!The weather was actually very nice today! I took Dazzle out in the side yard (not fenced) to work on obedience outside. At first he was over excited and distracted, especially with the rest of the dogs barking behind the fence! But he quickly settled into work when he saw the tennis ball. Then he had to go tease his brothers: "Na, Na, Ne na na I have a ball and YOU don't!" (I did go and play with all of them when we were done. :-)
I even wrangled Mike into taking some photos of us with Dazzle in heel position. This was the best one. Dazzle often has his ears partly back, but I think he's just thinking when he does that. He was off-leash in this photo.
After our working session, I just focused on taking a few photos. Here's what Dazzle thinks of me stopping the play to take photos! "pthpthpth!"
I also tossed the ball several times and he was getting hot! Look at the tongue :-) I don't know what he'll do when it really warms up.
He stopped to find a spot in the shade, so I took a photo of that too. :-) Reminds me of a Pharoh Hound in this one.
Then he was ready to go again! Will YOU play with me?
Our "grass" is about the same color as he is, so I played around and colored it green for the photo above :-)
Trotting along the ridge of the road:
Rally class went well last night. Everyone was commenting on how we were over achievers. I think they were just jealous! LOLOL Kim said it was because I have a basement (easy access to training in any weather.) :-)
I did set-up a rally course in the basement this morning and worked on several signs with him before went decided to go outside. I think he's ready for the show n go this weekend. Tomorrow is rally and Sunday is obedience. I'll make sure I get them on video! :-)
I measured him yesterday (one week shy of 6 mo. old) and he's 21.5" tall at his shoulders. I weighed him at the pet store and he is 37.4 lbs. He is still growing, but much more slowly than he was at less than 5 mo old. Thankfully! Because I was thinking he might be Great Dane size there for awhile! I know he has another growth spurt coming soon because his back legs are longer than the front right now :-)