January 28, 2009


Dazzle has been LOVING the snow! He is constantly going in and out through the dog door. He is obsessed with the big plastic ball and although he seems frustrated that he can't roll it in the snow, I think he likes that it's fighting back too. :-) However, it seems that everytime he's doing something cute outside and I get the camera, he sees me and comes running in! Just a few minutes ago, he was completely burying his head under the snow and laying out there rolling in it, but of course when I got the camera he came running in. DRAT! I did manage to get a few clips and strung them together and added music ("I'm in a hurry and don't know why" by Alabama.) Enjoy!

This clip is Buster and Dazzle playing in the living room. It's kind of dark, but I lightened it up as much as I could. I also added music to this one instead of leaving the TV and Coyote barking in the background. :-) Dazzle has really helped keep Buster young because they play quite often. They like to clack their teeth at each other and "face fight" and body slam but mostly it's all in fun. It gets a tad heated at the very end, but as you can see it's over as quick as it started. I think sometimes Dazzle bites too hard or twists Buster causing pain and Buster lets him know. Not sure what started it in this clip though.

Finally I got a clip of Dazzle playing with his talking Babble ball. It's really dark, but it's the audio that is funny, not the video anyway. This thing is TOO funny! It's funny when he comes running in the room and looks at you as you hear it say something like "hey, what are you doing?"
Sort of in the order it talks on the video, it says:
Good Puppy
I'm gonna get you
Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha
Na na na na na na
Hey, looking good big daddy
Ow Ow Owooooooo (howl)
Oh, you GOT me!
Come here pupper
Hey, what are you doing?
On No -growl/buzz-
Ouch, don't do that!
Bada Bing Bada Boom
-Fart- Uh Oh
Yeah Baby
Oh, that tickles!
Hot diggity dog