January 10, 2009

Conformation success!!

Of course I think Dazzle is very handsome, but apparently the experts agree! We competed in 2 IABCA conformation shows today and Dazzle made it to the Best in Show ring representing the herding group!!
In the 1st show in the morning, he was Best of Breed puppy and went on to the group class. He didn't place in the first group class through. For the second show of the day (in the afternoon) he was best of breed puppy, WON the herding group (which really surprized me! He had some stiff competition including the corgi who had won the group in the first show) and made it to the Best in Show ring as the representative of the herding group!
The first judge really liked him and he got the highest rating (SG-1), the first point toward his BA (IABCA Baby title.) The judge said: "He is VERY nice! The breeder should be very proud. I'd own him in a heart beat!" On the writen evaluation, he said Dazzle is a very nice sound puppy with good potential.

The second judge also really liked him and also gave him a rating of SG-1, second point out of three needed for his National title (4 points needed for an International title, since 2 of the judges are not from the U.S.) His statement on the written review was that he is "very promising with great color and animation."

So needless to say I was beaming today! Other than doing this all again tomorrow for more points and hopefully an International title, I don't plan to continue with conformation. I just did it for fun and to see how he would do. I guess all those people who said "he's beautiful" were right :-) Of COURSE they were! :-)

There was a show photographer there for the 2nd show, so hopefully her photos turned out better than the ones my innexpensive little digital took. Thank-you to my photographers, I know you were limited by the camera's abilities.
Here's a few of the ones that turned out ok:
Meeting the 1st judge. He wiggled right up to him and let him check his teeth:
1st free stack:
Another free stack, though not from the best angle due to our position in the ring:
The only troting photo that came out, most were too far away and too dark. He was actually getting out ahead of me! I swear he learned that from watching the other dogs!:
Meeting the 2nd judge, again he wiggled up to him :-)
Stack for judge 2:
Best in Show exam:
PROOF that we made it to best in show :-)
Another BIS photo:
They give medals instead of ribbons for everything except best in show, so these are the medals Dazzle earned for his 2 best of breed wins, "4th place" in the first group and his best of group:
He's really growing! He wiggled his way up into my lap to watch the sporting group run around their ring. :-)
Play break with his Corgi buddy that won best of group in the first show:
Profile taken while he watched other dogs compete. I think he was learning by watching!:
I'll post more after the show tomorrow. We also have the troop party, but if he gets into best in show again, I might have to miss that! I have such mixed feelings! I want him to win, but I want to go to the party too. :-)