January 11, 2009

Another successful show day!

Today was just as good as yesterday. Dazzle now has a National AND International conformation title! He won best of breed puppy both shows today, placed 3rd in group for show 3 and WON group in show 4, which meant he got to go in the best of show ring. He put in a really nice round in the best of show ring (at least I liked his first round and his down and back) but he didn't win a ribbon. I was still thrilled with his performance! Especially since this was our very first show experience and we have had NO training and almost no practice for it!

I didn't bother to try to take photos today, but the show photographer took photos of the group and I had a portrait done with his medals and the judges. So I'll post that whenever I get it.

It was a very nice venue with friendly people and friendly judges and I loved the written critiques each judge gave.

When we won the group after show 4, I thought I would have to miss the troop party. But I realized I had time to do that and then come back for the best in show. So right after we won the group, I changed clothes, loaded up and headed to Kuliga for the party. Dazzle did fantastic playing with the other dogs! I thought he might be a bit spooked by the running, barking and high activity but he was in there dishing it out as well! In fact, he was playing so well once the tennis balls came out, that I left the room to get some food and he didn't care that I left! That surprized me, but I was glad to see the velcro isn't as strong as it used to be. :-) After a little more than an hour of steady play time, we headed out to get back to the show. He had no problems with his energy level in the Best in Show ring!

For those that want to see what the judges said in each show, read below. For those that don't care, you can skip to the next post :-)

Show 1 (Saturday):
Judgement: Very nice sound puppy
Overall impression: Good potential/ good type
Coat: Excellent color and texture
Head: true to type
Bite/mouth: sound correct mouth
Eyes: dark, well set, expressive
Ears: set on and carried well
Chest: good depth, adequate forechest
Front Angulation: well angled for age- needs layback
Back Angulation: balanced to front
Top Line: level, strong
Tail: set and carried well
Movement: clean and fluid
*placed "4th" in group*

Show 2 (Saturday):
Judgement: very promising, great color and annimation
Overall Impression: very nice immature dog
Coat: beautiful, healthy
Head: very pleasing, beautifully marked, great color
Bite/Mouth: sissor
Eyes: nice dark, a little too round
Ears: correctly placed properly
Chest: lacking at this point
Front Angulation: well angled, matches rear
Back Angulation: same as above
Top Line: a bit soft behind withers
Tail: correct and places well
Movement: great rear, needs help with front
(note: he was shaking his head A LOT because of the show collar, so all of his legs were all over the place as he shook his head. :-) I switched the type of collar for Sunday and he didn't shake his head nearly as much unless I tried to put it back up behind his ears.)
*won the group*

Show 3 (Sunday):
Judgement: nothing written by the judge on this line
Overall Impression: young puppy, promising
Coat: nice texture for age
Head: good for age
Bite/mouth: correct
Eyes: Alert expression
Ears: could be smaller (Huh??)
Chest: good for age
Front Angulation: good
Back Angulation: Excellent, good bone
Top Line: still soft, would like shorter loin
Tail: correct
Movement: excellent feet and movement
*Placed 3rd in group*

Show 4 (Sunday):
Judgement: typy young male, attentive and well tempered
Overall Impression: Athetic and Agile
Coat: richly colored; dark mask
Head: strong- wedge shaped, masculine
Bite/mouth: scissor
Eyes: dark, piercing, set well
Ears: erect and mobile, held well
chest: adequate depth and fill for age
Front Angulation: well set on, shoulder blades a bit wide
Back Angulation: well turned stifle
Top Line: Slight rise to loin
Tail: sickle shaped
Movement: clean and free
*won group*

All the judges commented in person about what a wonderful temperament he has. At one point after a down and back, Dazzle trotted right up to the judge and flopped against his legs! LOL After the best in show class, the judge that really liked him said he would love to see a champion title on him as well as several performance/sport titles. We'll see! I would love to get as many letters before and after his name as possible! I think it would be fun to take him through this again as an adult to see how the evals look. And the best of show ribbons sure are beautiful! :-)