October 08, 2008

Can't load videos

For some reason, the videos I took Sunday and Monday are not loading. They keep getting stuck in the "processing" stage. I waited over an hour and it still wouldn't finish so I guess you just aren't meant to see them. :-( I'll take more of him, no doubt. Hopefully it was just a "bad batch" or something?

Today has been a lazy rainy day. He played inside most of the morning after taking a long time to finally empty himself in the drizzle. We worked on his training in the basement to feed him his lunch, but didn't bother with the camera. We worked on heeling (both moving and stationary "bowl" work- which he did REALLY well with.) I'm amazed at how much he is aware of his back feet! We also went through the weaves several more times. He was actually starting to bounce back and forth a bit on his way through! He chose to go through the tunnel a few times. He likes to play in it. And went over the A-frame practicing the "two on/ two off" at the end. Finally we did some recall/fronts and a few retrieves. Then I was out of chicken :-)

I noticed today he is getting taller and leaner. When he arrived last week, he was smaller than Bear, now he is just a tiny bit taller than him! He had gained a full pound in one week based on the vet's scale and he's eating a lot! I have taken him off the Orijen and put him on Nature's Variety Raw- I chose Rabbit for this bag. He seems to be doing well on it. He's eating 3 medallions in the morning and 3 for dinner with lots of cooked chicken for lunch as training treats.