October 01, 2008

update and VIDEOS!

Another good night! He slept from 12:30 till 7 when I got up and took him outside. After a hearty breakfast, I put the dogs back in the bedroom with Mike so Dazzle and I could play uninterrupted. When we were done it looked like the toy box had exploded :-)

He did several retrieves of toys, returning to me with them in his mouth to be traded for a treat and then tossed again. He seems to like to play with balls of any kind and the knotted rope toys the most. He played for about 30 minutes and then I put his harness on, giving several treats as I did it. He's still fussing over his harness, trying to bite it as he walks.

After more play, he looked like he was looking for a "spot" so I took him outside. His deposit was still really loose. I'll call the vet and see if it should have been firm by now. He played for awhile more outside, then started "flopping down." A sign that he's getting tired.

We came back in and I put him in his pen and started working on the videos I have taken so far. It's a multi-step process to get them edited and ready for upload, so not as fast as photos. I can only take 1 hour of video on my camera though, so I have to download them to my computer and delete them from my video camera to make room for more :-)

Here's a few short clips:

This was taken in the front yard documenting his first few minutes at our house. He will never be this little again, so I wanted to be sure to capture it. :-) He was completely unphased by the change of scenery.

Here he is playing with flying corn husks caught in our fence and then watching cautiously as the farmer goes by with the big loud combine. In retrospect, we should have been farther away for his first exposure and I should have had treats on me to give him. I'm not sure if he was scratching as a "calming signal" to Bear or if it was just that darn harness. :-) Seeing Bear have no reaction to the combine and be closer to the fence than we were I think helped Dazzle's confidence. At least he came to me when he was unsure, but I fell down on my job and should have moved him away.

This is a bit of him chasing a homemade leather toy attached to a horse "lunge whip." I need to let him catch it more often. He seems to "catch" it with his feet first, then bite. Getting it back once he has it (or lays on it) is the hard part :-) It's also the first time he's wearing a harness. He doesn't seem to mind it when he's focused on the toy, but inbetween play, he tends to chew at it or walk as though he's trying to step over it. You can see the pipes I set-up to practice "heel" in the background. I've been working on my footwork and shoulder movements on turns.

His first walk. The new sights and sounds weren't enough to distract him from the harness. He tries to rub it off in the tall grass. You can see him "flop" several times, but it wasn't an indication of being tired this time. We are just in front of our house/yard so you can hear the rest of the crew barking at the fence.

Little bit of play and Buster investigates him. All the boys are fine with him now and ignoring him for the most part. He has pretty much been ignoring them too, but has taken tenative sniffs of them and as I said in a previous post has tried to play, but Coyote interrupted that. I'll likely be going to Comulbus with him to do some beginner tracking if the weather is good. He will be able to meet and play with Cynic, a mal puppy just a few months older than he is.

Here he's trying to get the harness off again, but looks like he's having a bit of fun as well.

More play. At least he is willing to entertain himself. And he's quiet and calm if I leave the room, even if all the other dogs leave with me (which they usually do.) The sirens at the end are from the TV in the other room.

That's all for now. I think I'll take a walk with him in the woods in a bit and this evening there is a police K-9 competition/demo in Lawrenceburg we'll be going to.