October 29, 2008


Lets hope my new (replacement) video camera uploads faster than the last one...

This is how Dazzle currently does stairs. I wanted to be sure to get it on video because I'm assuming he won't take them this way when his legs get longer :-)

This is video from the horse park. We were by the Dressage fields and he was watching and relaxing by the warm-up area. Near the end, a gas powered golf cart pulls up and he barely notices.

This was at a GSD Sch event at the Horse Park- Dazzle met a Dutch Shepherd puppy that was just 2 weeks older than him. They played for a long time! In this clip, it looks like he's always on the reciving end, but they did trade positions during the play.

This was at the same event as above. Dazzle met this young GSD handler and played for a bit. You can hear some of the chaos that was being created by the folks running around the conformation ring about 20' away trying to get their dog's attention (whistles, yelling, horns, etc.)