October 30, 2008

photos- 13 weeks

He's almost as tall as Coyote now!

The Herding group... (Dazzle, Buster in the center and Coyote)

Playing tug with Coyote. Their first real play session. It sounded fierce, but was play. I'm starting to see some challenges between Dazzle and Coyote though. Dazzle tried to get in my lap last night because he saw that Coyote wanted to get up there. I let Coyote get up with me. As long as Coyote sees I support him, I think fights will be minimal. But Dazzle loses his "puppy license" this month, so we'll see how things go when his hormones kick in.
What BIG paws you have...

His favorite play position...

He's definitely taller than Bear now. You can see by their shadows he isn't very far away from Bear.

13 weeks profile shot...