October 28, 2008

Day 5- NJ back to Albany

Woke up late and managed to get dressed, get the pup out, feed him, pack-up my room and load it in the van in just 30 minutes! Drove from NJ to Albany and got back in the hotel there just in time to get changed, walk Dazz for about 15 minutes and go to my presentation. Even though he slept through the night, and slept most of the way on the drive, he still slept or played quietly through my presentation.

After I was done speaking, we went back to the hotel where I changed and ate a snack then we went back out. He was pretty cranked up by that point and was NOT interested in settling or sleeping. So we found a nearby Petco to look for a new leash (note to self- pack extra leashes!) We walked around the store till he was able to settle a bit. He met some mice through the glass of their tank and was a bit spooked at first, but then sat and watched them for several minutes. Petco's prices for leashes were too high so I used the GPS to find a Wal-mart. I got a leash and more clean-up bags. Then we went to the grocery store for more string cheese treats. By that time, I was hungry for dinner so we went to Burger King. It wasn't really "fast food" and he did great with the long wait in line. He settled next to me in the booth and lay down quietly while I ate.

Back at the hotel he played and trained till about 9:30. We worked on cue discrimination for sit, down and stand. He seemed to be getting it by the time I ran out of cheese.