October 28, 2008

Day 8- another day in Cleveland

Slept till 8. My parents were getting ready for an open house at the big model home. Daz and I putzed around till grandma got up and ate breakfast. Then we made pierogi from scratch- YUM! After lunch and clean-up, we joined mom and dad at the open house. Dazzle slept in his crate in the van for awhile.

After the couple that was viewing the house had gone, I took Dazzle out for a walk around the very nice neighborhood- beautiful homes! Thankfully I brought an umbrella because it started to rain heavily when we were about as far from the house on our loop walk as possible. Dazzle didn't seem to mind other than occasional head shaking when rain got in his ears. I let him drag the leash and practiced recalls while he ran ahead and back and chased after the blowing leaves.

I dried him off and took him inside till we were ready to go. He went down the sprial staircase the same way he goes down the regular steps at my parents house- like Peppy LePew- boing, boing, boing. I got that on video, just need time to format and upload it. He did think that the adhesive plastic floor protection over the carpets felt funny under his feet. He sped up and raced around after he stepped on it, but after awhile he ignored it.

Back home he played and watched and got under foot as dinner was being prepared. My brother and his family (3 boys under nine years old and 1 infant girl) joined us for dinner. Dazzle played and napped in his crate right in the main area of the house with all the kiddie chaos. He watched them and wagged his tail when they got close or looked at him, but then he went to sleep, seemingly oblivious to the noise and activity level.

He played for awhile after they left then I put him back in the crate for a little bit while I worked on an important project in the office. When I came back in the room he was asleep. I thought that looked like a good plan so after a quick trip outside, we went to bed.