October 28, 2008

Day 7- Cleveland

Started the day just after 7am because my bladder wouldn't let me sleep and once I was up, so was Dazzle and he had to go downstairs to go out. So I got dressed and we started our day. I knew he wouldn't play quietly, just his running was loud, so we went for a pre-dawn walk. I can't recall the last time I did that, probably back when I was riding horses (15 years ago?) I didn't bother holding the leash because most other people were smart and still in BED! It was chilly, but not bad. As the sun came up, more people were out (joggers, lady with a mop on a leash, people getting in their cars to drive who knows where on a Saturday morning, etc.) Dazz just watched them go by.

When we got back, my dad was awake and we had breakfast while Dazzle played. Dazz and I took a short nap on the couch and then the whole family went to a consignment bazzar that was held to raise money for the PTA. Lots of clothes, kid's stuff and household stuff. Decent stuff since it was a nice area.

We had lunch at home and after lunch dad took me to see his latest house. Dazzle rode by himself in the back seat of the extended cab truck in his seatbelt and went to sleep stretched out on the seat. I had been there once before back when the floors were not even poured yet and it was now just about ready for final inspection. Really beautiful old world feel with dark red wood, wide trim, wide crown molding and green color scheme. The new owners were there and really liked Dazzle (& it's clear they LOVE their new house!)

When we got back home, dad took Dazzle outside to play in the yard while I got cleaned up for dinner. Daz stayed home while we went out to eat with about 19 people to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. About half adults and half kids under 12. Thankfully they put us in a separate room near the back because the noise level was definitely high!

I got back about 6:30 and Dazzle was barking. But I don't know if it he had just started when he heard the garage door going up. I think that was the case because he had lots of energy and stayed awake till 11:30pm as though he had gotten a good nap. I didn't leave anything on to make noise so I know he heard the door.

He played and watched and "helped" while we prepared some of the food for the get-together tomorrow. A combo of several birthdays- my brother, his wife, their daughter and mine (which they missed last July). I got to bed about midnight.