October 28, 2008

Day 6- Albany to Cleveland

Slept in till 8:30 and was on the road by 10. We took a more scenic route home for part of the way (Rt. 20 instead of I-90) and took a short detour to the Historic Fort Museum.

The Fall colors were just past their prime, but still really beautiful.

Dazzle in front of the Fort Museum which was actually an old church that had been fortified during the war.

He first met a person working there in period clothes. He was really cranked up and wanted to eat and tug on this guys clothes, so I picked him up so he could say hi without damage.
Shortly after the above greeting, a group of kids came out of one of the buildings where they were getting a tour. Given his amped up state and the excitement level of the kids, I knew I had to hold him to prevent excited grabby teeth ripping someone's clothes or skin. His tail was going a mile a minute and he still managed to grab a kid's hair and play tug right after the photo.

This is the field behind the historic buildings that had been brought to the site. It was his first opportunity all week to run around (dragging his leash) and play at whatever speed he chose. He really enjoyed it (and needed it!) He was much more settled after his run.

He especially loved running and hopping though the taller grass- Mali-bunny!

Diving and rolling in the grass...

I realized he was one day past his 12th week, so I took a few profile photos. He is growing SO FAST! I swear you can almost see him growing if you watch closely.

We made a few stops at the combo restaurant/gas station places along I-90 for bathroom breaks, leg stretching and bordom busting. We got to my parents at 7:30pm. A LONG day! Dazzle was getting antsy and bored about 7pm and played in the house till 10pm. It was raining and dark, so he only went out for potty breaks.